Testimonials to how Dr Lou's has touched the lives of so many


Dr Lou's Place - Live Music Restaurant

The only 100% Open Stage Restaurant changed the music scene in Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia by proving that an open "rehearsal" venue could survive the test of eight years , battling the toughest economy, the state, the laws, and the location to have connected hundreds of people in life long friendships and formed or enhanced a wealth of new bands, old bands, solo acts, duos, and set the example for open stages for years to come

Dr Lou’s would like to thank all the people, players and not, who came out and enjoyed our time in Roebling.  Our heart is heavy with the loss of such an amazing icon.  We will serve our mother who taught us well, by telling this story so that others can become encouraged to build a Dr Lou's in their town and experience a similar set of joyous days and amazing life long friendships.  God Bless, from Mom, Dad, Dave, and the entire Dr Lou's family; see you soon.

July 31 - Dr Lou's 1501 Hornberger Ave - Officially Closed for Business.

About the house band: The Privileged Few Bands
November 12, 2008 - August 1, 2017 - Rest in Peace Dear Souls

Dr Lou's Is Officially Closed 

The State of New Jersey has Purchased the building and Taken US from YOU.

The production of the movie and e-books that tell the story of Dr Lou's is officially underway.

The History of Dr Lou's Place and the Dr Lou Music Foundation

​​The Story of a PLACE;
In a TOWN you never heard of;
Where something that's never HAPPENED before;

Magic 8

The Movie

8 Magical Years